Primary overview


Our Primary School is located on the Pleasant Road Campus (PRC). The students in our Primary School are aged between five and twelve years. During their time in Primary School, students are provided with a teaching and learning curriculum developed within the framework of the Victorian Curriculum. Additional programs include the development of effective communication systems, sensory integration, play skills and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) teaching. Programs and learning experiences consolidate and extend the skills attained in the early years of schooling. Independence, communication, thinking skills and the use of technology are promoted within the context of middle years programs.

Each classroom teaching team is supported by our team of specialist teachers and our multi-disciplinary team.  The Primary School commitment to the provision of inclusive learning opportunities appropriate for individual students includes sessional teaching and learning activities at a local government and independent Primary School and supporting students who are dually enrolled.

Shared Beliefs and Understandings

To provide:

  1. the opportunity for students to be immersed within the learning environment and have the opportunity to learn from and with others
  2. opportunities for students to learn at their stage of developmental learning
  3. an environment where respect of students learning styles and abilities is always considered and acknowledged
  4. a happy, friendly, secure, interactive environment that will ensure success according to each student’s needs and abilities
  5. a form of acceptable communication for each student
  6. a curriculum that reflects the need of the students to develop effective social skills and programs across the AusVELS standards that will build a     the foundation for future learning
  7. an environment which recognizes the importance of play in all students development by providing a structured learning environment to foster and d     develop students individual and group play skills
  8. students with the knowledge and examples of expected school routines and school rules to enable them to function within the school environment
  9. effectively
  10. age and ability appropriate equipment and programs


Programs offered in Primary School

Students in Primary School follow the Victorian Curriculum. The teachers modify the content to suit individual students learning abilities. Additional programs include swimming, bike riding; play skills, cooking and ABA. In addition to the AusVELS curriculum areas, teachers in consultation with the occupational therapist provide oral motor, sensory and fine / gross motor programs. When applicable the teachers also work with the speech therapist to enable the students to have a functional communication system through the use of Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and Picture Communication Symbols (PCS). Students may also have the opportunity to take part in a variety of community access activities including: excursions, camps, Kevin Heinze and more during their primary school years.

Primary School Leadership Group

Barbara Smith
Assistant Principal
Rohan Gosden
Leading Teacher – Curriculum
Debra Atherton
Leading Teacher – Curriculum
Eva Chakrabarty 
ICT Coach