Positive Behaviour Support


What is Positive Behaviour Support? (PBS)

  •            A whole school behaviour support continuum system.
  •            A proactive approach, requiring whole school commitment.
  •            Teaching all students socially acceptable ways to behave and interact with others across all school environments through an agreed set of behavioural expectations.
  •            Proactively preventing and reducing the intensity and frequency of behaviours of concern

What does PBS look like at Bulleen Heights School?

  •             – The Bulleen Heights school community developed three positive expected behaviours.
  •                     * Be Your Best

  •                     * Be Safe

  •                     * Be Respectful

  •            – Behavioural expectations are explicitly taught and encouraged through
                                         Using our school matrix (see below)
                                         Describing and modelling positive behaviours
                                         Whole school reward systems
                                         Lessons and practical ideas for teaching
  •            – Behaviours of concern are addressed through
                                         Guidelines for responding to inappropriate behaviour


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